Witness of the Reconquest

St. John of the Hospitallers church is the oldest religious temple in Valencia, founded by the military hospitaller order of St. John of Jerusalem on the plots donated by King James I as a reward for their military support in the Reconquest of the city. This national monument, which is a reference of the XIII century medieval architecture, features an ancient late Romanesque aspect only altered by new Gothic touches of Cistercian austerity that offer it the look it has today. Various chapels belonging to noble families host valuable medieval frescoes wonderfully preserved as well as lovely carvings worthy of admiration. The royal Baroque chapel of St. Barbara takes the lead since it keeps the remains of the Byzantine Empress Constance Augusta de Hohenstaufen. The visit ends with the Hospitallers´ cemetery, the funerary chapel and the pointed arches corresponding to the past pilgrims´ hospice.